Application process

The space in Hubanana co-working space is limited and the demand is high. Therefore, the start-ups who wish to join the hub are required to meet the following criteria. The selection of the start-ups joining the hub will be made by Hubanana's team and the commercial and industrial park administration (and in their sole discretion).

Step 1: Online Form

This form is allowing us to learn more about the start-up, about its needs, the entrepreneurs, and also about our ability to provide value. We believe that the demand to fill this form itself adds a big value for the entrepreneurs, due to its professional nature.

You can find the form here. See also a recommended template for your pitch deck+tips.

Step 2: Meeting

The purpose of the meeting is to get to know each other a little bit better- personally and professionally. This is also our first chance to initially evaluate the start-up's needs, towards future mutual activity. The meeting lasts no longer than 10 minutes and it includes a pitch (entrepreneurs presenting their start-up shortly).

Step 3: On Boarding

This meeting has two main purposes:

  1. Presenting the hub's rules and demands to the entrepreneurs.
  2. Mapping the start-up's needs in order to answer them as much as possible.

  • The start-up is technologically or business innovative.
  • The start up's quality.
  • The start-up is in an early stage (seed, pre-seed)
  • The commitment of the team to the start-up.
  • The ability of the team to lead the start-up.
  • Filling the online form.
  • Passing an interview by Hubanana's team.

  • Mandatory participation in the weekly meeting of Hubanana and leading this meeting once.
  • Active participation in the Hub's activities along the whole membership period.
  • Compliance to the rules of the hub according to the Hub's regulations posted in the working space.
  • Although it is not a requirement, we expect from the entrepreneurs to arrive to Hubanana most of the week.
  • Monthly payment of 250 NIS for an entrepreneur.

More Information
  • The membership time period possible for one entrepreneur is 5 months.
  • The membership time period possible for a team is one year.
  • Hubanana has the right to announce a start-up about termination of its presence at the hub at any time- in its sole discretion.

Applying to Hubanana